The opening of the cooperative which grows different products has had a great economic impact and social development. It has employed the majority part of residents in the area. Our cooperative has a wine cellar that processes only with fine products from the area, among the main products are the red wine Sapa, with Kallmet and Chardonnay variety, production of the olive oil, as the production of many fruits and vegetables, other vineyards which have already provided for the market.

SAPA Cooperative

In our cooperative a series of activities take part including factories, plots planted with olive trees, vineyards, greenhouses, etc. Specifically in this venture are installed and operating activities:

  • A wine factory
  • An olive oil factory production
  • A dairy processing products and cheese production factory
  • Greenhouses
  • Dozens of hectares of agricultural land are planted with olive trees, vineyards and greenhouses.

In the cooperative takes place the collecting of the products, mainly agricultural, which are placed by the farmers in our warehouse. After collecting, the processing of these products takes place in the respective factories; they are being packed, wrapped and ready for the market.

The cooperative of farmers

The cooperative of farmers is the next object that we interact but soon it will be enlisted as new subject. It is a venture initiated and administered by women. The farmers’ society involves grouping of farmers, stockbreeders of some areas that their primary activity is milk production, so the milk they produce is collected and brought to the dairy, milk processing workshop and production of cheese and butter.

The dairy

The dairy is another activity that grows from year to year; the factors that have led to this growth were the improvement of the quality of cheese and butter production, installing new equipment and training of employees from specialists and technologist. Its market extends almost throughout the country. We have agreements with entities throughout the country in trading cheese and butter branded "Dairy Rapsodia." This is the brand that is growing by the day due to the quality and efficient implementation of marketing policies.

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